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November 25th, 2007 · 5 Comments

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Yesterday was a good day.  Perhaps it’s continuing into today, actually.  First of all, I weighed in at 175.4 pounds yesterday morning. (Today it’s actually a bit lower, but I’m going with my Saturday weigh-in.)  To weigh 175 pounds has been a goal that’s been stuck in my head for some reason; 175 seems like the threshold of a new level of weight. I’m not sure why. Ha, I just checked a BMI calculator out of curiosity, and 175 is the highest weight I can be and still be technically obese.  I don’t believe in the BMI calculator; look up its history some time or look at the BMI photo project to see how ridiculous BMI is. (I keep meaning to submit a picture to it while I’m still obese, because when I look in the mirror, I sure don’t think of an obese girl.)  But I wonder if it’s gotten stuck in my head, nonetheless, that 175 pounds is the gateway to being overweight instead of obese.

Well, whatever:  I’m happy to be at 175! I’m 25 pounds away from my goal weight!

Here’s something else that happened yesterday (or actually, at about 12:05 a.m. last night):


I hit 50,000 words on my novel.  I would estimate I have 20,000-30,000 more to go before my first draft is finished.  However, 50,000 is the goal for NaNoWriMo, so I was one of the first winners this month! (“What do you win?” my husband wanted to know.  “Bragging rights,” I responded. “Having written a novel–what more could I want?”)

Also yesterday (See? I told you it was a good day), I ran 3.1 miles and discovered I have managed to shave 40 seconds off my 5k time to get it down to 36:29. I consider a 12-minute mile entirely respectable!  I think my goal will be to cut 30 more seconds and run a 36-min 5k by the time I do my next 5k, which I’m thinking will be around December 15th. I need to pick one.  Unfortunately, it was so cold yesterday that I wheezed and coughed intermittently after I got home–and that was at around noon, when the sun had long been warming up Atlanta.  Middle Georgia falls/winters are very unreliable in that various days can be 70 degrees or 40. As 5ks usually start at 8 or 9 a.m., I am a little bit concerned about trying to run a 5k in weather that’s bordering on freezing.  I don’t even have any winter training clothes, really; I should probably remedy that next month (though, of course, even in 40-degree or 30-degree weather, it’s still much warmer than what many of you deal with for winter workouts!).

Here’s something interesting that’s come out of running for me lately: I’ve started to be able to enjoy it.  Maybe that sounds weird, but usually, what I have enjoyed about running is knowing that I’m doing something that’s good exercise, and something that’s not easy for me, and sticking with it.  After I run, I feel more relaxed, sometimes even serene, but during the runs, it’s been more of an endurance thing than an enjoyment one.  But now that I have started doing speedwork to cut my 5k time, once a week, I get to run 1.5 miles at a much quicker pace than my 3-mi pace.  It’s more like actual running than my usual slow jogging, and about halfway into it each time, I think, “Wow, I’m actually enjoying this.” It’s lovely.

 I had a massage a couple of days ago, and it turns out my hip flexors were pulled very tight, causing me to have lower back pain and pain in the organs around my flexors (colon, appendix, remaining ovary, etc.).  The massage therapist said that running tends to do that, and she suggested I make sure to stretch them.  So ladies who are running, there’s something to make sure you do!  If you do a lunge low to the ground and then lean back and hold that position, that’s one way to stretch them. (And it’s a good workout, in general.)  I have also decided to go back for another massage on December 3rd, when my year of insanity at work will officially turn back into a more normal workload with the conclusion of two major events I have been planning. I always leave a good massage feeling heavenly, and I have the money in my budget for it, so there you go.

There’s my wrap-up of a happy Saturday.  There was food involved, too, but I’ll save it for another post.

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  • 1 marta // Nov 25, 2007 at 7:08 pm




    On the weight, the writing, the jogging…YOU RULE!

  • 2 kristen // Nov 26, 2007 at 8:23 am

    you sound very happy. 🙂

  • 3 Cherie // Nov 26, 2007 at 9:38 am

    Wow, I just found your blog from your comment, and I have to say that I read what you wrote about the BMI, glanced at your picture, and thought you were so beautiful!! Don’t listen to the numbers; listen to yourself.

    And then I scrolled down and saw a sampling of food pics – yum!!! This is a great blog!

  • 4 Midnight Raider // Nov 26, 2007 at 12:36 pm

    WOO HOO! Congrats on the 175 mark! And congrats on finishing the NaNoWriMo! That’s awesome! You’re a novelist!

  • 5 Grumpy Chair // Nov 26, 2007 at 3:08 pm

    Sally you are doing awesome in your weight loss and your writing.

    Congratulations on 50,000 words!

    I read your post last night, but was unable to comment when the 4 year old kept getting out of bed and I got sidetracked.

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